Thanks for the exceptional service! Your law enforcement experience was instrumental in this investigation. Your professionalism and credibility were vital to this case. I would recommend your agency to any law firm.
-Vince Avallone

I was amazed at your quick turnaround to locate my brother. I had tried another investigative agency but they were not able to find him. In just 3 days you discovered his location and we were reunited this past weekend. You have no idea how much this meant to both of us. Thank you!
-Tania Brady

Our company was being burglarized repeatedly. The local authorities were unable to have an officer watch our business continually through the night. We hired BlackstoneHunt for a few days to do surveillance on our building. It definitely was the right decision. The perpetrators came back and never even saw the investigator. He was able to call the police in the middle of the act and our issues were resolved!
-Jane Weisenburg

Florida Association of Licensed Investigators